Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team

Dr. K. S. Anandaram - Senior Director, ISBR, Bangalore

Dr. K. S. Anandaram

Senior Director, ISBR, Bangalore
Ph.D, M.Tech (IIT Mumbai)

The Management education at ISBR Business School is an exciting experience that prepares you for the future. The resources of well-known university and talented management educators are being brought together to develop innovative management programmes.

Our well designed knowledge based courses are structured to provide integrated approach to the Philosophy, Science and Art of management. Besides classroom teaching students work in syndicate and small groups, which are our key features.

Conceptual and analytical skills form integral parts of the courses. The cardinal and salient features of ISBR are the emphasis on integrated view of business practices, focus on information technology and development of professional skills required to manage intellectual power based and percipient companies of the future.

We have alsways ensured that ISBR offers you one of the best infrastructures in Bangalore. We have made deliberate efforts to provide select and handpicked faculty, which is highly motivated and dedicated besides being exceptionally qualified and experienced. In a highly competitive world with transient paradigms, one has to be thoroughly imbued with, nurtured and equipped to accept any challenges in the career. It is a challenging and daunting responsibility, that we are duty bound to shoulder. We are here and we exist for the purpose.

Come and experience the journey towards your transformation and success.

Dr. K. S. Anandaram is M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Mumbai with Post Graduation and Ph.D. in Human Resource Development. He has over 25 years of experience in reputed industries like Tata Motors, MICO, Force Motors and Cummins India. He also has over a decade of experience in reputed Management Institutes. He has held important posts in professional bodies. He has published over 100 articles, case. At present he is the Director at ISBR Business School, Bangalore.

Dr. C Manohar, Director - Strategy & Dean - ISBR, Bangalore

Dr. C Manohar

Director - Strategy & Dean, ISBR, Bangalore

Creating an Attitude... As the global economy has converged countries into borderless entities, the corporate world is continuously pushed by knowledge, fueled by technology. Innovation and creativity have become the key drivers. Indian corporates are growing in a fast forward mode, creating innumerable opportunities for enterprising young men and women. Global corporations are looking at India as a valuable source of manpower of high quality and competency.

Imparting critical analytical skills and decision making capabilities among the students is essential. Sound academic foundation, strong and effective content delivery, by competent faculty, exposure to current business practices, through industrial visits, seminars and summer intensive projects as well as management research projects will pave the path and guide the students in their journey from campus to corporates.

ISBR, an institution of new age, believes in the best and endeavours to create the robust, incorporating values and imbibing ethics in its approach to developing students. With flexibility to bring in innovation in teaching methods and the state of the art learning technologies, enriched by the wisdom of experienced faculty and committed leadership, the institution is geared to provide future leaders of India Inc . Our students, fired with determination to excel, march forward with grit and will, confidence and competence. To enable and empower them is our mission

Dr. Chandra Niranjan, Dean - Academics - ISBR, Bangalore

Dr. Chandra Niranjan

Dean - Academics, ISBR, Bangalore
Ph.D (UK), MBA (HR), MA (Eng Lit), PGDM

ISBR has occupied a unique space in the landscape of management education with its excellence in teaching, research and industry interface. ISBR aims at transforming students and faculty and has contributed to the personal growth of every individual associated with it. This growth is achieved as ISBR grooms students and faculty as holistic and well-rounded personalities. ISBR believes in developing ‘thinking individuals’ with domain competencies, skills, attitude and above all a human approach witha concern to the society and environment.

At ISBR we take it as mandatory to provide our students the best academic inputs, diverse corporate exposure and a rich research foundation to make them professional, positive and ethically strong managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Prof. Y. Lakshman Kumar, Ph.D.,

Prof. Y. Lakshman Kumar, Ph.D.,


Dear Students ,

Learning is eternal. But what we learn in what point in time is most important to us. In the changing and dynamic scenario both in India and the world, bringing the change in what we learn is also critical. The traditional models of management education has changed owing to the requirements of the industry and the world outside. Education not only has to prepare for jobs but also for a lifetime career. A traditional functional and discipline oriented curriculum becomes outdated in this context. A dynamic wide ranging curriculum is what is needed to make our learning more apt to the changing times. To solve problems of business we need both Inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach accompanied with research orientation. Class room learning has to be accompanied with a practical engagement which helps in internalizing the understanding. Thus, we at ISBR achieve vision of knowledge creation and dissemination.

The experience a student gets at ISBR is unique as the whole academic process makes the student get closer to reality. ISBR prepares students beyond examinations and grades. The experiential learning at ISBR enables exposure to the real challenges of Industry and the society. The students get an opportunity of being a part of a team that provides real time solutions to the user systems. The learning at ISBR is holistic and contributes to the molding of well-rounded individuals to enable them to be potential leaders as learning is blended with co-curricular and extra-curricular experience. A free mind devoid of stressful learning is the culture we adopt. Club activities and committees enables the real learning through fun.

The team at ISBR is committed to contribute to expand your horizons through training, mentoring and transformation initiatives. Our joint and judicious efforts in the right direction makes learning at ISBR a Life time experience.